Why Was Movie2k Blocked?

movie2k blocked


Movie2k is in dispute regarding he legality of the website, Quite simply if you are able to watch brand new movies online without paying for them 90% of the time its illegal. Movie2k is not the only website that allows users to watch the latest movies online for free there are literally thousands of illegal movie websites.

Movie2k was has not actually been shut down its just been banned in certain countries such as the UK, The website is still available in the United States and lots of other countries. You may have noticed that its not just movie2k that has been blocked the piratebay was also blocked back last year for the same reason. The MPS is getting strictor on copyright and as technology evolves you will start to see most of your favorite websites get blocked.

Although movie2k did not actually host any illegal or copyright content it made it simple for users to access copyright content by indexing it in a certain manner that enabled piracy. Lots of search engines index copyright content however search engines have other uses so they get away with it, how long this will be the case we don’t know.

However hundreds of websites have now setup proxies to access movie2k read more about movie2k proxies here.

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