What is Movie2k


Movie2k is in the top 100 websites in Germany Movie2k is a website that contains links to movies which are hosted on sites such as Putlocker. Movie2k does not upload any movies they are embedded are linked to external sites Movie2k is a Movie search engine and movie indexing site. Movie2k has over 15 million searches per month from just Google, Yahoo & Bing also have searches but not as many. Movie2k is one of the larger websites with a bigger database of movies than its competitors such as 1channel.

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Movie2k is more popular than its competitors due to the site having more content and categories than any other movie indexing site. Movie2k has a dedicated section for adult movies and TV Shows. Movie2k is mostly popular with the age group of 18-24 year olds as of today movie2k is the 208th most popular website in the world and the 18th most popular website in Germany.

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The picture above shows you the traffic “The amount of visitors the website gets” as you can see its quite steady however now that movie2k has been blocked you will start to see this decline of the next few weeks.

Movie2k Proxy Sites?

While most people know that you can access movie2k with a proxy since ISPs blocked the site on the 05/23/2013 this will still damage movie2k. Not many advertisers pay for traffic while the traffic is coming vie proxy. This type of traffic is known as bot or automated traffic or is pretty much useless in the advertising world.

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