Movie2k Proxies

movie2k proxy


You may have already stumbled across a few movie2k proxy sites, however we advise you to be careful using these websites as 90% of them contain unnecessary advertising. We also discovered that some of these proxy websites have actually been setup by the organization that closed Movie2k. We found out that these sites were using these so called proxies to collect users information that tried to access the blocked website. Not all of the proxy sites are spam websites or out to collect your personal information some of them are actually genuine proxy websites, although currently we have not found a movie2k proxy site that is not using lots of advertising and asking users to install unnecessary software.

Are Proxies Illegal?

The short answer is NO, but its down to the proxy provider to monitor the use of the proxy, using a proxy to access a site that has been blocked in specific countries could be classed as illegal however you have probably already sued a proxy today without you even knowing. Proxies are a part of day to day life when visiting websites. You may have noticed the VPN business is booming at the moment. This is due to restrictions put in place by internet service provides.

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