Movie2k was blocked on the 23rd by major UK internet providers the well known site that allowed users to watch brand new movies online has been shut down due to a court order from MPA. Hundreds of proxies have been setup which allows users in the UK to access Movie2k. The downside is most of these sites are actually illegal and some of them have actually been setup to collect users information that are trying to access the blocked site Movie2k. You can check this out on Google for more information. Please use movie4k for the next few days until further notice we are having some issues that are affecting the main website we will let you know by email when the site is ready to use.

W are now using the domain name primewire

Why Was Movie2k Blocked In My Country?

Responsible internet service providers such as Virgin, Sky, BT and more received a court order from numerous association which asked for them to ban access to the website, these organizations won the court order and now as you may have already noticed Movie2k is now blocked. Read More

What is Movie2k

Movie2k is a website that allows users to watch and download the latest movies completely free, although movie2k does not actually host any of the content on its own server it links to sites such as Putlocker and other well known file hosting websites. Users are able to watch movies before they have even been released in their own county. Read More

Movie2k Proxies

The biggest downside of using proxies or software to access the Movie2k website is firstly these proxy sites are breaking the law. Movie2k proxy websites also contain lots of unwanted advertising from the developer of the proxy website. Read More.

Movie2k Unblocker

Movie2k Unblocker is a piece of software developed by a UK software developer which enables users to access Movie2k by using a automatic proxy switching software. The software has now been deleted due to possible ramifications. Read More.

Is Movie2k Down For Just Me?

You can use this tool to check if the movie2k website is still up and running, this will let you know if the website is still live.

Legal Alternatives To Movie2k

Didn’t know that you was breaking the law visiting sites such as Movie2k? Looking for a legal alternative to watch all of your favorite movies online? has created a nice list of sites that are 100% legal some even free to use to watch all of your favorite movies online without breaking any laws or infringing anyone’s copyright. Read More

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